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Saturday 1st April, 7pm - Nottingham Albert Hall

The fantastic surroundings of Nottingham's Albert Hall once again rang to the sound of nearly two hundred voices, singing songs that got the audience's toes tapping. As always, there was a great variety of music - everything from the traditional to the very modern, from rock to musicals to pop to country. Tonight's The Night featured songs from artistes as diverse as The Drifters, Lady Gaga, Burt Bacharach, Dolly Parton and Michael Jackson. We also had a big medley from the classic Jesus Christ Superstar, as well as other musical theatre favourites, alongside beautiful ballads from the likes of John Legend and Tears For Fears. And of course we took the audience on a real journey with our take on the classic Toto song, "Africa".

Tonight's The Night marked the second time that BeVox have sung at Nottingham's Albert Hall, and the audience were absolutely blown away.

You can watch YouTube videos of some of the songs, taken by a member of the audience, using this link. The concert was recorded, and we're looking into ways of sharing this recording with you.